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The COVID-19 outbreak is causing an enormous number of deaths around the world and the numbers keep growing every day. And our key workers, are the people who keep our society functioning, and are showing courage, strength and loyalty in the face of this crisis. Sadly, many of these hard-working individuals are not being properly protected with equipment for the work they are doing and are risking their lives every day. An increasing amount TFL staff are dying as a result of this. 

As a result fourteen TFL staff have died and urgent measures are needed to prevent further deaths to members of the nation’s workforce. Action must be taken now to stop the spread of this disease. 

Many people are still refusing to stay indoors and are traveling when it is not absolutely necessary. These acts of selfishness are detrimental to the key workers and to our society as a whole.

Drastic measures must be taken and the government needs to act immediately to provide all key workers with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Masks and goggles need to be supplied for TFL, teachers, supermarket and delivery staff, Royal Mail, waste collectors and everyone else who works hard every day to keep this country running smoothly.

This is not the time to create scapegoats and point the finger, it is time to enact laws that protect all our citizens. The bottom line is that the Chinese government took drastic measures to prevent the spread of the virus, including restricting travel and providing PPE to their workforce. The Chinese religiously wear masks and thanks to these measures they have curbed the pandemic. 

It’s time we here in the UK follow suit and do the same! This is not  the time for debates in Parliament, this is the time to act decisively and work together as one. 

We must all do everything we can to control the spread of this deadly disease. Please, let's get this petition moving so new measures for protection are introduced as a matter of urgency!