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Protect Alaska Native lands

I am writing today to support the clean Carcieri Fix in S.676 and H.R.1234. I would like it to apply to Alaska as well as to the lower 48. Many tribal members worry about the protection of our land holdings, and putting land into trust through our Tribal Government is certainly an effective tool to help us protect our land. We are going to need your help on this one. 

As I am sure you are well aware John Fredson, the first Alaskan Native to graduate from college (and father-in-law to Rep. Young), was successful in getting the largest land into trust application in the history of Alaska through Congress: the Venetie Reservation. Please support the legacy of trust land in Alaska, and John Fredson, and please consider the legacy of Alaska as a whole. The Tanana Chiefs Conference has passed a resolution in March, unanimously, that supports putting land in Alaska into trust. We hope that you'll join with the 42 villages of the interior and support taking land into trust in Alaska again. It is time that Alaska tribes are supported, and that our lands are protected. 

Please reject Rep. Cole's divisive bill (H.R. 1291).  It is high time to support the Carcieri Fix Bills S.676, and H.R.1234, and allow Alaska Natives another tool to protect our lands. 

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