Bring Dave Stockdale back

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Because of a simple mistake, Dave Stockdale was asked to resign as the City Administrator of Prosser City.  

Dave failed to get his driver’s license switched over to a Washington license and utilized his Oregon driver’s license when making some purchases, consequently not paying the required sales tax on those purchases.   Dave explained to me the reasons why he did not immediately make the switch, which I believe many of us could understand: 1) he owned real estate and paid real estate taxes in Oregon, even after moving here, and 2) he filed and paid Oregon state income taxes, even after moving here.  Dave is not a CPA.  He’s not even an accountant.  But if he was, he most certainly would not have made such a mistake.  This is one of those situations where Dave should have known better, perhaps sought professional assistance, but simply did not.  It was a personal mistake from a misunderstanding of the law.  

Upon learning of his error, he immediately obtained his WA drivers license.  After that, he paid back the unpaid taxes, all $361 of it.   He was also asked to make a donation to the Benton County Crime Victim’s Fund, to which he gave $500.  Seeing that all parties had been properly and fully satisfied, no charges were ever brought against Dave and the issue was considered resolved.

Yet, on the very day that all these matters were resolved, Dave received a call from the City and was asked by the Mayor to immediately resign. 

Yes, Dave made a mistake, but that mistake costing him his job is excessive.  This situation was not handled properly or justly, and the outcome certainly is not appropriate.  

The biggest mistake was to ask Dave Stockdale to resign.  Help us make this situation right by requesting Mayor Randy Taylor reject Dave Stockdale’s resignation and put him back to work as Prosser’s City Administrator.

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