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Lents Strong needs your help!

Thank you for your support! We have 188 supporters in such a short time because of people like you. There are several ways you can still help us stabilize families in Lents! Prosper Portland continues to tell community members that there is no more money available for truly affordable, family-sized housing in Lents, despite there being at least $10 million remaining before the urban renewal area expires. Meanwhile, the city is doing community engagement around "community priorities," including an online survey (reply by Feb 6). There will be an in-person Open House on Monday, February 11th. Please participate and make your voice heard! We need truly affordable, family-sized apartments in the Lents Town Center. Publicly owned land should maximize the delivery of affordable housing, not be reserved for market-rate development. You can share our petition with your friends, family, coworkers, etc. Help us get the word out, and get us to 250 before the open house! Join the Lents Strong! Housing Team. We'd love to partner with you. You can get involved by reaching out to You can help make sure that the city hears us loud and clear: we need meaningful action to address displacement in Lents! We want a diverse, affordable Lents Town Center and to ensure that families in Lents can remain here as infrastructure and services improve. Lents is the most vulnerable neighborhood in the city for displacement risk, and we can still make a difference by acting now, together. -Adam and the Lents Strong! Housing Team

Green Lents
3 years ago