Protect Wailuanui (former Coco Palms land) from Development

Protect Wailuanui (former Coco Palms land) from Development

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Started by I Ola Wailuanui


Important update!

We're still here and fighting. We have an updated petition at - please sign it if this issue matters to you!

A lot is in motion at the moment - especially after the recent BLNR meeting - so stay tuned, and we'll update soon with a full debrief on how things stand.



Wailuanui, the land where the former Coco Palms Hotel once stood, is a wahi kapu, or sacred site, to Native Hawaiians and Kaua‘i residents.  

We, the undersigned, are committed to supporting a collaborative community-based effort that ensures that the only future development of this property is its conversion to a thriving cultural, educational and community space that honors the rich history of this place, both ancient and modern.

We firmly believe that a resort development is not suitable at this site, not wanted by our community, and that there is wide and passionate opposition to the establishment of another hotel in this location. The time has come to turn this space into an environment that benefits our community and honors the significant Hawaiian history and archeological features of this ʻāina (land).

The I Ola Wailua working group is reaching out to community members, especially to those with lineal ties to the Wailua area and a passion for Hawaiian and ʻāina based restoration, to join the conversation in developing a common community-based vision that will direct all future development.

The site is incredibly rich in historical and cultural significance, and is the birthplace of kings and queens. I Ola Wailuanui will honor the iwi kūpuna (ancestors) that are buried on the site along with the culturally significant ancient loko iʻa (fishpond) which is thought to be over 600 years old and was maintained and used into the 1930s.

The I Ola Wailuanui vision also includes the restoration of important native wetland habitat that will benefit our native birds and threatened coastal ecosystems. The restoration of the wetland system will help mitigate flooding issues in Wailua and work with our changing coastal environment to restore and preserve critical endangered species habitat.

The vision can include significant opportunities for the advancement of Hawaiian craft, language, music, hula, cultural practices and traditional games. The site could house a canoe hale, restored native gardens, places for health and healing, gathering, education and environmental restoration.

We urge any prospective buyers to respect the will of the community and ensure that these lands and resources are preserved for the benefit of generations to come.

14,947 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!