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Prosecuting Attorney Please Prosecute Killer of 21 Year old Ernest Hoskins Jr.


Ernest was a outgoing person who wouldnt cause harm to anyone. He was shot in the face by his manager and there still has not been any charges filled and his murderer is still a free man. Justice has to be served.

Letter to
APAA Arkansas Prosecuting Attorney
Ernest Hoskins Jr, a wonderful 21 year old black male with a heart of gold was murdered November 9, 2012 in Ward, Ar, A predominantly white town. Witnesses to the murder states his manager, 34 year old Chris Reynolds a white male was having a staff meeting at his home on Deer Run Rd. After the meeting witnesses report Chris Ward went in to his bedroom without any notice and came back with his handgun. A 45. He pointed the handgun at Ernest and fired without warning and struck Ernest in his face. Afterwards he called police and states he made a mistake. It took 3 days and numerous of calls before there was any media coverge and even then it consisted of a 4 sentence article that states not suspect or motive released. How is this possible when the shooter has already been identified. In two days it will be a week. He's not in jail and has not been charged to this date.Normally it takes two-three days for prosecuters to file charges. Some action has to be taken before there is a cover up.
Ernest was a outgoing person who wouldnt cause harm to anyone. Please prosecute his murderer!

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