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Prosecute slumlords within the Pottstown borough using PA State Law Act 90!

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The Pottstown Borough is in the process of making stricter laws that can address urban blight and slumlords. One of these ordinances is similar to the newly passed PA State Law Act 90, which can be read about here:  According to the Broken Window Theory, run down rental properties owned and neglected by slumlords spread urban blight. "A disordered environment which is littered, vandalized and not maintained sends the signal: this is a place where people do as they please and where they get away with that, without being detected. As people tend to act the way they think others act, they are more likely to act “disorderly” in the disordered environment.,” according to sociologists James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling. Slum properties attract criminal behavior, are unsafe for tenants, and lower neighboring property values. Through state law Act 90 local judges can fine Pottstown slumlords for not maintaining their rental units, and legally force them to bring blighted buildings up to  code standards!

To read about PA Act 90 go here:

Scroll down on the paworks page to read about the importance of PA Act 90 and how it can improve struggling communities such as Pottstown! Also, reread our former blog article "Protester's Perspective" to understand how blight negatively influences Pottstown families!


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