Prosecute illegal immigrant Ruben A . Mendoza for sexual abuse of his step daughter

Prosecute illegal immigrant Ruben A . Mendoza for sexual abuse of his step daughter

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Started by Kellie Mendoza

My name is Kellie Mendoza I am a mother of 2 daughters. In Summer of 2020 my oldest daughter aged 13 came screaming frantically down stairs that her stepfather/ my husband Ruben A.  Mendoza age 34 sexually touched her private area. I went into a panic and ran upstairs to confront him. I then yelled and cried “please don’t tell me you touched my daughter!” 
He began to shake and his words were trembling. He then replied I know what you are talking about. I tried to handle it without notifying you because of what happened to you.” 
I am also an sexual abused victim from my uncle and step father so that’s what he was referring to. 
As we went back and forth I ran back down to my daughter and she was sure he did in fact touch her I told her we would move and leave then I called DCF in the state of Florida and the Police. They came out spoke with Ruben first and as he began to take control over the conversation and manipulated the situation by saying that he went in the room in the middle of the night she made a noise and he tried to wake her up but accidentally rubbed her private area skin contact. So he does admit to touching her but the police state he never did anything like that before and he seems to be handling it. My daughter then started to back down and say she wasn’t sure anymore and it maybe a dream. 

I want to be clear she was only 13 a child and scared because he spoke for her. He got really confident wants he saw the urgency going down. He even said “you can ask her she’s probably not going to say much I probably scared her.” 
I asked my daughter again did she want to move or put him out. She said no she will be okay she said she was uncomfortable but she didn’t want to be around him for a little. This later hurts me because I should have trusted my gut and left but I was going off of what my daughter said and I am regretting this so bad. 
I later stayed and kept them separate for awhile then she started feeling okay around him. 

Fast forwarding to April 1st 2022 . I called Ruben. A Mendoza around 2am to check on him and realized my phone number was blocked. So I grabbed my daughter’s phone to call and read a message that made me physically frozen and nauseous. The message that alarmed me said “Are you Alone�” I was so scared as a mom that this was my worst nightmare and I was sick . I scrolled slowly and later unlocked sort of say Pandora’s box. The next messages “ how old are you baby, let’s go on a date, send me a picture of you, delete this , don’t tell your mom, where’s your mommy where’s your daddy , send your sister downstairs so I can go up, what are you wearing “ so many alarming messages I cried. I called him. He had that same nervousness in 2020 he knew I knew . I called off her phone and without me speaking he says “what’s wrong is everything okay.” I said bring your ass here now”. 
45mins later he arrives around 3am I confronted him in my car. I asked him of course he denies it and said I was overreacting. I call the police. They arrived 4 male Latino officers all started to side with him again. Ruben spoke first stating that we are going through a divorce and that I was upset and making up allegations. My heart sank down again I felt nauseous and angry. The officer says “ma’am just go through with your divorce and leave him alone” I was lost and un heard. I was confused because I called them for help. They ask to speak to my daughter . It is now around 430am my daughter was sleep. I said yes but went up stairs to speak with her to let her know what I found and to get dress. The officer yelled at me again thinking I was coaching her. He then ask her a bunch of blunt questions and she froze again. I told her she didn’t have to answer that we will speak with a female officer. 
They then let Ruben in my home to retrieve things after I said no. When everyone finally left. I spoke with my daughter again it was now about 8am April 1st. I held her and told her I love her and that she can talk to me . She told everything. I couldn’t bare to hear it but had to. My body was still and I was exploding inside. My mind was all over the place my soul left. I was defeated. He did something to my child and I didn’t even know this was happening in my own home. He tried to harm her and keep her against me. He grabbed her and tried to kiss her . He tried to sex traffic her in my house . I am falling apart again just writing this. I told the police/ detectives/ attorneys/ DCF / iCE /family/friends and still no justice. The detective stated the State Attorney said we can’t prove it was intentional. I almost died again. How do you prove something like this . I can’t sleep or eat. I can barely take care of myself or them. I am a reck. I called immigration because he is an illegal immigrant with no visa for entry and is still getting away with protective rights. How!? He sexually abused my daughter and admitted to it . He wrote her a letter apologizing and admitting it again. He goes to work like nothing ever happened. He took all of our money and left me with nothing. While other people protect him calling me crazy and a liar . I am demoralized and crushed. I can’t even think of how my daughter feels. I am feeling it for her. I am a US citizen and never bothered or harmed anyone. To have this unlawful person in my home harming my daughter and no one helps. The state I chose to live in let me down so bad I no longer have happiness here. This is the worst state ever for justice. I am scared of the outcome not knowing how I will be. They put the victim into hiding and the predator continues his life. I need justice for my daughter and all the other daughters that don’t speak up. He needs to be stopped. He has gone as far as stalking girls and young women at gyms. He has reached out to my daughter’s friends to meet with them. He is searching for more girls to harm. He needs to be in jail or deported back to El Salvador. This could be your daughter , niece , grand daughter, or sister. Please help my daughter get justice . Thank you
Love &Light

647 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!