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Proposed Changes to Scheduling in Wilson County Schools Detrimental to Established Arts Programs

The new superintendent of Wilson County Schools is proposing a hybrid schedule in the high schools. Under this schedule, time allotted for arts classes will be cut in half. He also would like to limit the number of semesters the students can participate in art programs. For many students the arts are the only reason they come to school and the only reason they will go to college. With that said, it is a proven fact that students in arts programs like band, chorus, visual arts and dance are more likely to graduate than non-arts students.They also score higher on college board tests for each year they participate. There are extra-musical skills taught in these classes such as self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation, respect, teamwork, and improved self esteem that are some of the skills no other classes can teach.These programs are the only way that many students will make it into a college in the competitive world we live in. HELP US SAVE OUR ARTS PROGRAMS!

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  • Wilson County Schools Board of Education
    Superintendent Sean Bulson of Wilson County Schools Board of Education.

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