Proposed Car Wash in the Hwy 211 Overlay District @ Friendship/ Bayberry and Hwy 211

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Application # 19-05-CU, Car Wash Atlanta, LLC

Request for conditional use approval to allow for a car wash on property located at the corner of Bayberry Ridge Drive and SR 211 at the intersection of Friendship Road and Hwy 211.

Applicant must request a conditional use for a car wash because certain types of businesses in the Hwy 211 Overlay District are either restricted or need special permission to protect the surrounding community.  Some area residents have heard about this application and/or have already expressed concern on community Facebook pages as follows:   

1. This type of business is not compatible with existing land uses.

2. The location is not suited for this use, as it is at the entrance to a neighborhood and is in close proximity to residential homes (Mulberry Park).

3. Regardless of noise mitigation features the owner/developer has or may promise to put in to place, it is too intense of a use. 

4. Regardless of aesthetics planned, A conditional use of this type doesn't fit into the surrounding community.

5. Existing infrastructure issues with road alignment and traffic signals at said location, as well Grand Hickory/Thompson Mill and 211, should not allow for any type of business on this parcel that adds additional vehicle traffic until improvements are completed.

This application is an example of what has previously occurred with Hwy 211 Conditional Use permits. The drive thru restaurants had to apply for conditional use. Once the first drive thru was approved, it allowed others to follow.

Allowing a conditional use for a car wash opens up the potential for additional car washes to follow in the overlay district, again putting Braselton Hwy 211 Overlay District on a path that is difficult and nearly impossible to stop once the initial one is approved. We are asking that the Braselton town officials consider the above reasons and deny this application.

It appears the owner and developer of this proposed car wash has been made aware of the community feedback and still plans to move forward with this application.

How can you make your voice heard? 

1. Complete this petition to let the Town of Braselton know why they should deny this conditional use application.   

2. Get involved with updates on this application and others by attending the upcoming town planning commission and town council meetings. Dates will be shared on the Braselton Community Alliance Page on Facebook, as well as on Nextdoor and your neighborhood Facebook pages.

Additional Application Information:

Application and Building Renderings:

Survey and Site Plan:

Application # 19-05-CU  Application for a conditional use approval from Car Wash Atlanta, LLC on property owned by CVS 75165, LLC. The property is identified as Gwinnett County Tax Parcel 3006 939(corner of Bayberry Ridge Drive and SR 211) and is approximately 1.6 acres. The property is currently zoned Planned Unit Development. The applicant requests a Conditional Use approval to permit a Car Wash facility