Proposal to Postpone/Change the 3rd year Medical Technology Compre Exam

Proposal to Postpone/Change the 3rd year Medical Technology Compre Exam

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Why this petition matters

Comprehensive exams are used to assess the learnings of a student in regards to the given semester. The exams are mainly focused on all major subjects. It is a great way to know if a student has reached a certain goal regarding their academic career.

Online learning has been the norm for the past two years ever since the pandemic struck the entire country. As such, students began to get used to the learning environment of a "work at home" set-up. 

The current problem with the 3rd year Medical Technology exam is due to the compressed nature of the exam schedules. Two major subjects are being tested per day with both lecture and laboratory exams. Each subject is given four hours of testing time, resulting in eight hours of vigorous assessment a day of the knowledge and mind of the student.

Another problem is the sudden transition of online learning to face-to-face examinations. Students have less time to prepare for six major subjects in a span of less than 2 months. It is certainly a struggle to compress all major knowledge from each subject without ample time given.

The 3rd year medical technology students would like to present a solution to the nature of the given exam schedule. These solutions are as follows:

  • Postponement of Comprehensive Exams to a later date. (Preferably after the May 2022 Elections)
  • In addition to a postponement, It is a necessity to have Face-to-Face Review classes on the major subjects to the 3rd year Medical Technology student body.
  • Subject examinations should be spread out throughout the whole week. (e.g. one subject per examination day, Monday to Saturday)
  • In the situation where a student fails one or more subject, the Revalida should be taken a few days after the examinations.
  • Reconsideration of face-to-face exams due to students having financial issues.
  • Lastly, exemption for Revalida for students with passing final grades.

The students are not against the administration of a comprehensive exam. The students only want the faculty's understanding of the learner's current situation regarding their learning environment. We hope our voices will be heard by, not just the faculty of the Medical Technology department, but also of the school. In line with this, we, the 3rd year Medical Students, are humbly asking for you deepest consideration.

444 have signed. Let’s get to 500!