Proper Investigation into the Melilla Massacre

Proper Investigation into the Melilla Massacre

2 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Hannah Wix

African refugees hoping to cross over the Malilla, Spain border from Africa to Europe are being massacred, and I do not think that this is being given enough media attention and awareness.

This is a link to @shaunking Instagram post with further information. The video is very distressing but it is happening:

In videos of the massacre, you can see people who are barely alive being beaten to death by Moroccan police.

@HumanRightsWatch on Instagram have reported that mass graves have now been discovered - purportedly with the bodies of refugees in them.  

Following @shaunking recommended action, I am asking you to sign the petition to reach

1) The President of Spain and the President of Morocco, who must preserve all evidence and prosecute these officers.

2) The International Criminal Court, who must immediately investigate this and hold every single person present, and the countries themselves, responsible.

3) The United Nations, who must press this case on the world stage.

Everyone wants a good life for themselves, with opportunity and freedom, and refugees are no different.  Legally, the massacre is in violation of Spanish law, Moroccan law, and international laws in place to protect refugees and yet those in power do not seem to be taking accountability for this atrocity.

Please sign the petition to ensure that those in power are held accountable for this violence, and that the future is a safer place for refugees.

For further information, please see these resources:

Thanks for signing.

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Signatures: 113Next Goal: 200
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