Proper equipments and facilities for Arunachal Pradesh to tackle Covid-19

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I am Aseng Tayeng, a student of Delhi University and I have recently travelled back from New Delhi to Itanagar. I was stopped at Gumto checkpoint for thermal screening and I noticed the staff were only equipped with thin surgical mask and no glovesNor were the CRPF and IRBN wearing gloves or proper mask while patrolling. This is very concerning as COVID-19 is extremely contagious. As a concerned citizen, I started enquiring on available facilities in each district and their measures against COVID-19.
I have followed up with all the 25 district COVID-19 control room to do an enquiry. The State Control Room and Control Complex control room were not co-operative at all. There were four districts where the given numbers were either not working or switched off: Dibang valley, Lower and Upper Subansari and Shi Yomi. Why are none of the helpline numbers provided by the government for these districts functional? Are there any COVID-19 teams in these districts?

The other three districts that I am concerned about is East Kameng, Siang and Tirap district. East Kameng is the least aware district by far. While enquiring about the measures against COVID-19, a representative told me that only the people with cough were required to wear a mask and it was optional for the rest of the population. This lack of awareness is dangerous as COVID-19 is aerosol and it takes two weeks for an infected person to show any symptoms during which that person can easily infect people around him/her unintentionally. The case with Siang district is that it currently has no District Hospital which also means no staff, equipments or housing but has set up quarantine zones and isolation zones. Tirap is in need of more quarantine and isolation zones with proper management, staff and equipments.This clearly implies that Siang and Tirap are in dire need of more rooms and facilities as compared to other districts.

Rest of the districts have quarantine and isolation zones with functional staff checking up on people with travel history. But all of them have major issues in regard to the shortage of basic necessities like gloves, N95 mask and hand sanitisers. Under the order of government the old PPE kits were discarded and the districts are yet to receive the new PPE kit. Other than the above mention items, there is also a need for respirators and ventilators. Some of the districts also complained about electricity supply and lack of medical vehicles as they are crucial in times of emergencies.

I urge our Chief Minister and Health Minister to take prompt action before the epidemic spreads. As it is North-East is geographically distant from Mainland India and any further delay in delivery of the medicines and other items may result in more positive cases of Covid-19 and unfortunately even death.