Greener Miles Saves Lives

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We would like to make walking and cycling have the same reimbursement allowance for business travel as cars, which is currently 45p per mile. 

How does this benefit us?

Air pollution is killing us and costing the UK billions.  Air pollution causes an estimated 40,000 early deaths per year in the UK. Pollutants such as particulate matter (PM2.5) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) contribute to the rise in a range of diseases such as asthma in adults and children, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, coronary heart disease, strokes, diabetes in adults, lung cancer, dementia, preterm/low birth weight, and sudden infant death. 

Pollution cuts young lives short.  Young lives like my nephew Joseph Itoje who died of a severe asthma attack at the Wireless Festival in 2018.  His family and friends describe Joseph was a positive, happy, and talented young man that had so much potential, his happiness and heart-warming laugh made such an impact on everybody’s life. Joseph was different, he stood out and had such a contagious smile. 

Researchers estimated that between 2017 and 2015 there will be 1.15 million people will be newly diagnosed with pollution related chronic diseases in the UK, costing the NHS £5.56 billion.   

We can reduce air pollution and save lives by encouraging companies and their employees to adopt greener transport in a way that does not need expensive infrastructure, costly enforcement departments, and without the need to raise taxes.

This petition will help companies to adopt greener modes of transport through business mile allowance system.  This would make the healthy choice the easy choice.

The current allowance for business travel for the first 10,000 miles for bicycles is 20p/mile, which is less than half the 45p/mile allowance for cars.  While there is no incentive for walking instead of taking the car. 

The 24p/mile mileage allowance for walking or cycling would achieve two things.

Firstly, it would reduce the number of vehicles used for short business journeys; thereby reduce congestion and reduce economic burden of pollution affected conditions, and thereby saving lives.

Secondly, it would incentivise people to walk or cycle instead of driving cars for short business journeys; thereby increasing physical activity levels, improving health, and reducing obesity rates. 

Please support ‘Greener Miles Saves Lives’ and the 24p/mile allowance for walking and cycling business miles

Here is the evidence:

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