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Promote the well-being of honey bees in the US, by banning all pesticides used on lawns and plants.

The international mass genocide of honey bees has gone too far, and must end now. After the Colony Collapse Disorder(CCD) started to spread around four years ago, many beekeepers have ended up losing millions, if not billions, of bees since then. Many might wonder why this is such a bad problem. More than 30% of farmed crops in the United States are pollinated by bees, and if the farmers use the toxic chemicals on plants(that lead to serious human sickness and deaths), the bees take back the pesticide in the pollen and it spreads through the hive. Various chemicals covering plants, fruits, vegetables and other farmed crops have led to numerous severely harmful outbreaks, including e.coli and the recent listeria outbreak from cantaloupes. We must unite to help end this terrible problem!

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