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Promote sustainable agriculture through the use of effective modern technologies.

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Food Security is an important issue as the world population grows - estimates show about 10 Billion people by the year 2050.  Without having modern tools such as crop-protection chemicals and biotechnology to combat yield-losses many of those people could face famine. 

For many people, letting their family starve is not an option, and lacking other options, they begin cultivating wild areas and become a new threat to natural biodiversity.  Reduced yields from weeds, insects, and stress conditions result in an increased demand for wilderness land to be converted to farm land.

However, improvements in agricultural technologies and practice mean that today's population has more food per head available to it than 40 years ago, when there were only half the number of mouths to feed and about the same land area was farmed.  In addition to increasing crop yields in many parts of the world, advances in agricultural technologies have also contributed to a safer food supply, and in some cases, improved environmental quality.

Over the next 30 years, agriculture will have to sustain an additional 2 billion people from an increasingly fragile resource base.  Available arable land is decreasing, water is becoming scarcer and consumers are demanding a more varied diet, along with better nutrition, quality and safety of food products.   In addition, many are looking to agriculture as a new source of renewable energy and industrial raw materials.

Join us in ensuring that farmers around the world have access to all the tools they need to preserve lives, the environment, and the prospects of a peaceful future.

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