Promote Safer Swimming in Morecambe

Promote Safer Swimming in Morecambe

5 June 2022
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Cllr Sandra Thornberry (Lancaster City Council)
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Why this petition matters

Started by ron kenolly

It is my concern that a serious accident or loss of life might occur without something to separate the spaces used by swimmers and high-powered watercraft. 


Morecambe bay provides many areas to swim and enjoy watercraft in an area of outstanding beauty and biodiversity. 

Outdoor/cold water swimming became very popular during the pandemic and many have continued to swim in the seas and rivers and lakes. 

Sea swimming in Morecambe particularly has seen a resurgence around the clock tower known to many as Mallows bay and is frequented by swimmers daily who communicate via an online group 'Mallows' on facebook.

Recently high-speed craft have also been using mallows bay as an access point and running area which has created a hazard for swimmers in the area. 

Like pedestrians on the road, swimmers are most vulnerable in any interaction between powered craft, especially at speed.  Morecambe bay is vast and there's certainly room for all kinds of activities and we welcome and are delighted that people want to enjoy what Morecambe has to offer.   However when enjoyment creates a hazard for others one has to question if something better could happen.

I propose that. 

1 Powered/motorised craft need to enter and exit the sea using jetties only. 

2 Speed of powered craft around swimmers should be restricted to 4mph

3 High-speed operation of powered craft other than for leaving and returning to jetties should not occur within 400 metres of the shore line. 

4 Mallows bay be marked/reserved for non-powered craft and swimmers only. 



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Signatures: 44Next Goal: 50
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