Men's Rights Commission

Men's Rights Commission

10 October 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Simba Chikazhe

Men are lacking education on issues of abuse towards women. Men need a Men's Rights Commission to help raise awareness on:

  1. How to properly treat women,
  2. What consent is & how to know whether 1 has consented to or not,
  3. What is abuse & the different forms as well as types of abuse especially rape.

Men also need support when they themselves experience abuse as abuse has no gender:

Men's Rights Commission would also:

  1. Mentally examine the extent of disturbed individuals.
  2. Emotionally support male survivors of GBV/DV as well as sexual assaults.
  3. Provide legal support & financial if needed.

Women have archived a great % of this mostly through education & continue to do so. But men are being forgotten through the process as they are not awarded the same opportunities.

My aim is to archive gender parity/gender equality as no gender M/F deserves abuse & that can never be achieved as long as 1 gender suppresses/abuses the other.

How can we archive equality when 1 gender's rights are recognised & the other isn't? Women cannot archive gender parity alone & neither can men. Men & women should come together & work together to archive this goal. Violence has no gender.

Gender: Male/Female(M/F).

Parity: the quality or state of being equal or equivalent.

The lack of recognition of men is programming men's minds:


To hate women instead of loving them.


To fear instead of respect them.


To pursue vengeance by (DV/murder) instead of counselling.


To commit suicide & in some cases murder wife/child before suicide.


Women's Rights Commission help women through awareness campaigns, fundraisings & support but men do not have the same opportunity as their rights are not recognised @UN therefore world wide. Women are just as capable of violence & abuse hense women prisons. In some cases a woman can be even more aggressive than men.


Please sign for a step towards gender parity ��

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Signatures: 5Next Goal: 10
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