Promote Clean Water for Future Generations

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Our water is DIRTY!  The water is getting more and more polluted with all of the waste and trash that humans are carelessly throwing away.  The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a huge swirling mass of trash in the North Pacific Ocean, keeps on getting worse everyday. Did you know, according to the National Ocean Service, it takes 450 years for plastic water bottles to fully decompose! And it takes fishing line 600 years! The problem is not just in the ocean.  The Hudson Bay is so polluted that the residents aren't even allowed to take a swim! To make matters worse, the Bellandur Lake in Bangalore, India, actually caught on fire from all of the pollution. There are countless problems like this around the world, and it is time to make a change!

Our mission is to get people who care about the future of our planet to sign our petition and share it with others. In doing so, we hope to get world Environmental Protection Agency leaders to enact clean water legislation.  With YOUR help, we hope to have this water dilemma change.