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Spruce Apartments - Security Cameras and Surveillance Warning Signs

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Dear Spruce Apartments Resident/s,

Recently there has been a large number of mailbox break-ins and mail thefts, as well as car break-ins and thefts, and thefts of bicycles on the property. While the outbreak of mailbox break-ins and mail thefts in particular over the past few weeks has been extreme, this type of burglary and theft on the property has been going on for a long time. The mail theft is especially dangerous due to the very fears of identity theft, theft of sensitive personal information, and extreme difficulties that have been created for residents in attempting to get their mail easily and safely at their homes.

 As evidenced on the Spruce community portal, the majority of residents seem to feel that security cameras and signs indicating there are security cameras in the garages and building lobbies would be the best way to address these ongoing thefts and break-ins. We believe there are affordable options available, using easy to install wireless hotspots and battery powered, streaming to cloud video cameras that can be used to fulfill this need. We do not feel the justifications given for why cameras cannot be installed are valid or present obstacles that cannot be overcome by management to make our community safer and more secure. 

We believe security cameras surveillance and warning signs are the most cost effective and strongest deterrent option to future crime at Spruce Apartments, and most likely security measure to prevent repeat criminal activities and even possibly catch some of the criminals involved.

We feel that if this is truly what the community at large wants Spruce and Prometheus to do in response to this problem, then we need to band together and make this very understood in a very clear way. 

So, we ask you today to sign this ‘petition’ below, instead of or in addition to any paper petition available. If you wish to be even more vocal in support of having security cameras and signs in the lobbies and garages, you can call Prometheus at 650-931-3400 and register your complaint that way as well.

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