Lower Projekts Skatepark pricing

Lower Projekts Skatepark pricing

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Willy Mufti started this petition to Projekts Skatepark and

It's time for your voice to be heard. Please sign the petition if you feel Projekts Skatepark MCR's monthly pass should be lowered from £40 to a maximum of £30. 


Projekts Skatepark has been self-advocating their community based intentions since establishing in 2004. As one of the oldest running skateparks in the city of Manchester, it is held dear to the hearts of many skateboarders, old and new.

After the recent expansion, their attention seems to have shifted from being a "not-for-profit Co-operative and Community Benefit Society" to more of a money driven business. They appear more inclined towards financial gain, rather than helping the regular users of the space who form an integral part of the skatepark and wider community. It is saddening to see them neglect their responsibility to be as accessible as possible to the majority of users.


Projekts has claimed the following prior to their expansion: "We are focussed on making skateboarding accessible to under-represented groups, particularly people living in areas of high deprivation, girls and women and people with disabilities. We do this primarily through our coaching work in schools and at our skatepark.

The groups they have mentioned here including younger individuals, students on loans and those who have minimal income/ do not have the funds cannot afford to pay the current prices on a regular basis. This goes against their own principles which they've outlined.


Simply put: although the skatepark obviously has good intentions, it has gotten too expensive for many skaters in Manchester to use on a regular basis. 

Skaters in Manchester want to support local businesses pushing the growth of skateboarding. However, at the current pricing, supporting Projekts skatepark regularly can leave users significantly out of pocket

Most serious/ passionate skateboarders already have many necessary expenses already, just to be able to skate! This includes (but is not limited to): buying of regular decks, wheels, trucks, shoes and clothes - that get worn-and-torn monthly though regular skateboarding. This is not to mention the other expenses of daily living that can soon add up to extortionate amounts.

A £40 month pass is a hefty addition to all these expenses.  

Another growing concern is the council working towards putting a stop to street-skating in the city. This results in a serious lack of skateboarding space to practice our activity. As Projekts is in the heart of the city, the skatepark was a regular go-to destination to skateboard in peace, but with the current pricing in place, we now feel like we are being shut-out from both ends as we are forced to pay high amounts to practice what we love.

Finally, the recent renovations were aimed to achieve the following: increased ramp space, larger cafe, increased community space, spectator viewing platform, and increased ramp use/ capacity for all users. What we feel was over-looked in their renovation goals was how to improve the inclusiveness of the skatepark, and how it can be more accessible to a wider range of groups in the community.  

The drastic price increases have caused a divide and alienates part of the community who aren't able to pay.


We understand that Projekts needs to maintain financial stability. However, it also has a duty to be affordable to the majority of users. 

We feel that it is time for them to re-direct their focus back to "developing people and places through skateboarding and other skatepark activities". 

We suggest that the skatepark and board of directors come to an agreement to lower the price of the monthly pass to a maximum of £30, which will attract more people from the community to use the space without alienating those with minimal funds.

We believe Projekts Skatepark can be the "largest managed concrete skatepark in the country" with fair pricing, promoting the positive growth of the community in Manchester. 


More information about Projekts can be found here: https://projektsmcr.com

Quotes taken from their crowdfunding page: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/projekts-mcr


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