Support legislative change to help treat PTSD and substance abuse

PTSD affects 30% of our US Veterans, 10x the rate of non-military personnel.  It often leads to substance abuse to self-treat symptoms.  PTSD and substance abuse are at epidemic levels in America, esp in our Veterans.  But there are non-pharmacologic ways to help.  The Five Point Protocol [5PP] is an American-made, simple, extremely low risk, non-verbal group acupuncture treatment that is used internationally to help treat PTSD, insomnia, nightmares, stress, addictions and anxiety.  It is also known as the NADA protocol. In 19 US states, non-physician providers can utilize this therapy as long as they are trained and supervised.  This means social workers, detention officers, counsellors, nurses, etc.  Please help us urge our legislators in North Carolina to step in line with all surrounding states so that we can make this alternative available to our friends suffering from these symptoms.   or
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