All projects ought to be scoped to the interests of stakeholders by project managers

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  • All projects everywhere ought to be scoped in the interest of stakeholders. Project management as a field ought to integrate this notion from the fields of social innovation and social enterprise.
  • Project managers too often are taught to perception manage changes in project scope for stakeholders. 
  • There is always an alternative of more project manager creativity and more project collective intelligence to figure out how to ensure all initial scopes and changes of scope reflect the interest of all stakeholders. 
  • Project managers can help to go the extra mile in considering the implications of scope for stakeholders. 
  • Project managers are responsible in approving an initial scope or approving modifications to scopes for the implications of these decisions for stakeholders. They should leverage processes to go the extra mile and take responsibility for these implications. They can use tools like scenario planning, cost benefit analysis, design thinking, these area all processes that can happen before an initial scope or a revision of scope creates harm for stakeholder  or misses unique opportunity for positive impact on stakeholders. 
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