'Project Home Base' - More time. Better life. Cleaner planet.

'Project Home Base' - More time. Better life. Cleaner planet.

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Ascending Awareness is a 501c3 Charity started by the people/ for the people. We designed 'Project Home Base', so everyone has more time to enjoy this life to its fullest!

[[[Watch these 2 videos for a clear description of what 'Project Home Base' is and how it helps you directly!!]]]


 All you need to do is sign this Petition. That is ALL!! 

   This petition supports the development of "Project Home Base" on non-profit owned land with multiple ADU's and for Environmental Health to recognize the approvable use of Atmospheric Water Generators (A.W.G.) and Incinerator Toilets in these ADU's. This petition also supports 'Next Step" home allowances on privately owned residential properties as rentals and/or ADU's.

   *note - (ADU stands for Acessory Dwelling Unit = Tiny Homes) (A.W.G. is your water supply and the Incinerator toilet is your septic system)

   These two systems have been approved for decades by our Federal Government, our Military, the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) and 180 countries. They surpass all laboratory testing and are UL certified.

   So, Basically- Each house has its own grid of power, water and sewer. No more power outages, water restrictions or food shortages. Project Home Base ranches and farms food on site and creates hügelkultur garden beds right outside your door. You pay a small lease and get food all year for free. Also, all of your services and home are portable on the newest, engineered, removable, geo-thermal foundation. You can easily and affordably move your entire home and services to a property you buy/ lease whenever you like.

   Do you already own a home? - City or County, you can make extra income with little to no effort on your part. Simply lease part of your land to a next step homeowner. Your children, friends, family or anyone can live on site with no money out of your pocket enabling you to hold on to your investment and pass this generational equity on.

   Municipalities have been pushing everyone for years to place ADU's on their property due to this housing crisis. With 'Project Home Base', you can do so without spending tons of money to update your power, water, and sewer grid to accommodate another home. This gives peace of mind and extra income! 

   Absolutely everyone can live a stress-free life of abundance while buying their own home. Everyone can have a self-sufficient life in tune with nature while enjoying all the comforts of modern-day life. Above all else, having time to enjoy this world during our brief time here is what 'Project Home Base' creates for us all. This is a GENERATIONAL movement. Your descendants will remember this pivotal point in history when we unified everyone to follow their hearts desires.

Our developments help solve:

*The Housing Crisis     *Global Warming     *Water restrictions

*Power outages     *Food shortages     *Social Degradation

People that Directly benefit from this:

*You Personally     *Young couples    *Low credit score

*Elderly on fixed income     *Veterans    *Everyone else

   The ONLY thing we need from you is to sign this petition!

   That is all!! Once this is done, we will build Project Home Base Nationwide!! Plans are Drafted!! Let's Go!!

   Thank you. Please share this petition on all of your social media.

   Let's make this happen, together!

David Renfro


Ascending Awareness

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!