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This is such a fundamental problem in our communities. We as aboriginal people(and concerned community member) need to come together now and agree on one thing to fight for: our children. Solutions are what we need, demand and will work towards! They have been taking our children since the time of Christopher Columbus. We can be more organized now. With many hands we WILL make a difference. Please join Aboriginal Child and Family Services Protest fb page at Tammy Lynne. The name will soon be changing to Aboriginal Child and Family Services Solutions. Thanks you humbley Tammy Lynne.

 Protest Jan 31 in Vancouver at VICTORY SQUARE  1pm!! xo

We need to demand to take care of our own children with our own natural renewable resources  through traditional means. We also want to put together a lawsuit against the government for all the generations that have been affected. Including this one. Fight fight fight our children are our right. We also need to unite to make a difference. An inkindship law should be in effect immediately. I think starting with the children and the land we live in is the best way to go. . . . .many blessings.  More solutions to come. Many blessings. . . and may the 'Great Spitit' walk with us always-humbly-T




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