To Build Foot Over Bridge Over NH-4 In Pune

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Human Life is very precious, and it deserves to be safeguarded. With the world advancing to such rapid pace, and with state of art infrastructure and technology, it is quite sad and painful, to see people having so much difficulty to crossing a road – especially at the highways – where there is high speed traffic and high chance of an to be accident.

In eagerness to reach early I observed man, woman and Kids crossing highways and meeting with accident. We did research around same and was astonished to find approx. 55 accidents in 4 years in 30 Km patch while crossing highway.

Tragedy knows no class, caste or religion and could hit any of us. We are all proud of the superior form of road infrastructure but having a pedestrian friendly (or rather non-deathly) route is equally critical.

We, a group of concerned citizens have collated this data and reported it to National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) who are willing to approach the construction company for building a vehicle free passage but just like anything else, numbers only help in getting more attention to the cause at hand. If you can please spare a minute and endorse your support to the cause.

Actions Initiated
1. Visited to Hinjawadi Police station and collected data for just 30 kms stretch from Bavdhan to Ravet for official count of accidents and deaths, and found out the most accident-prone location where it has happened. We found that between 2014 to 2017 (data of 2018 and 2019 yet to be received) there has been 50+ deaths.

Most Accident-prone locations

Location and Number of Fatalities :-
   * Opp Indira College - 5

   * Opp. Gokul Hotel (Punawale)- 5

   * Balewadi Stadium Bus stand- 4

   * Shell Petroleum- 4

   * Audi Showroom- 3

   * Punawale Bridge- 3

2. Visited to NHAI for understanding their view. Response from NHAI was very supportive and they are ready to consider it if proposal receives from anyone.

If you believe that human life is precious, and that the loss of a life may be statistic to others but a permanent injury to a family. Even if one life can be saved through this endeavor we can consider it a win.

Please consider signing this petition, with public support we can get the work expedited. Thank you for your time.