Stop Project Bollards on Studebaker in Long Beach

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Outreach to the City Of Long Beach

Community members in the 5th district are very concerned about bollards running along Studebaker for the bike path. Residents have put in their comments and found many issues with them. They find that bollards are more negative then positive and would like them removed. 

These are the concerns: 

  • Property value
  • Visually unappealing
  • Distraction for drivers
  • Collection of leaves (Street sweeper can not do the job. They have witnessed three employers sweeping and it took two days to just go from Wardlow to Spring. Street sweeper could have done this much quicker. 
  • They say it will expand up past El Dorado Park where residents bought property there for the view.
  • Passage of emergency vehicles. 

It has become clear that the council member for the 5th is not taking the neighbors’ complaints into consideration.  The neighborhood of the 5th would like the full council help in resolving this issue and have the bollards removed.

 Sincerely the 5th district

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