Prohibition of Bestiality video creation and distribution; other protections against exploitation

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Bianca Meeuwissen
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~~How this works (Synopsis):  Porn and torture videos are invasive, and not necessary for the sustenance or well being of the participants, thus nobody can sign for them. Children cannot legally sign a consent, and neither can beasts. This is a separate legal charge apart from existing porn laws due to lack of legal consent.~~

Bestiality is more common than people would like to think as evidenced by the wide spread  sex porn on the net of humans engaging copulation with subhuman animals. It's sick and revolting.  Animals can't talk and report sexual assaults. If a person Googles web search "dog sex", "horse sex" or even "beast sex"  thousands of returns depicting  humans engaging sex with some kind of animal that even teenagers are accessing, downloading, and sharing with peer-to-peer software contributing to the delinquency of minors in all 50 States and animal cruelty. Committing crime and this corruption of minors is not part of free speech.  This reflects society as a whole-people watching bestiality videos will lead to the real thing: Bestiality recordings are very epidemic all over America. It's just a matter of time people watching these videos people will go on and adopt their own "Free to good home"  dog or cat to fulfill their unnatural sexual longings which will even injure the animal. These animals are small, and can't report to the police they were cruelly abused-and raped-by humans.

Freedom of speech becomes the rape, or assault and battery, instrument when porn,  or torture recordings with or without sexual contact,  are created and/or distributed, against one's will,  or participant(s) unable to give legal consent; this includes acts of animal cruelty.

Bestiality is 100% legal in 20 States, and no existing laws against this type of pornography.

(1) This Act of Lack of consent is a separate charge from any existing laws regarding pornography of its creation and/or its distribution;

(2) This is to include the creation and/or distribution of any recorded media or photo;

(3)  Works of sexual intercourse, and/or including infliction of pain and suffering (sadomasochism or torture videos with or without sexual contact): The work appeals to the prurient interests only lacking genuine scientific, artistic (i.e., fictional or computer generated) or political merit.
(4) Recordings (and/or distribution) of any kind and photos of sexual activity, or torture (even without sexual contact), done by concealed cameras or equipment without the awareness of the participant(s) is prohibited due to lack of legal consent.

(1) IN GENERAL- This section shall not apply with regard to any visual depiction of--
(A) customary and normal veterinary or agricultural husbandry practices;
(B) the slaughter of animals for food; or
(C) hunting, trapping, or fishing.
(A) a law enforcement agency; or
(B) a third party for the sole purpose of analysis to determine if referral to a law enforcement agency is appropriate.

Thank you for your time and reading.