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Prohibited use of the USA Military Defense Systems by Foreign Constitutions

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The United States of America was founded on a specific constitution. For thousands of years, tribes have formed collectives. The code of honor is the constitution agreed upon when the tribe is formed. When there is harmony in a group of cooperative human beings working toward the same goal....marvels are created. Pyramids, Temples, Mosques, and denfense lines. Perhaps all of these share a common thing. Protecting the human spirit and conscience from enslavement.

The pursuit of the human with a conscience by the human without one has been an ongoing problem since history is recorded. The human lacking a conscience doesn't know any better than to parasitically feed off of one who does. That is the evolution of a logic with no conscience. It always ends up this way. A human spirit and a conscience are a very sacred thing to those who have one and it gives us the gift of empathy. We have an advantage, however, it has been used against us as a weakness that can be exploited because we don't fight back and we can survive on our own. So naturally, one which isn't bothered by hurting another that lacks the intelligence to survive on their own uses force.  

 The original constitution of the United States of America created a loyalty so strong, that man would die to protect the human with spirit and conscience.  The constitution is a safeguard for the defense lines. These defenses were never intended to be used by other nations. And they are. It is unconstitutional for the Leaders of Israel to claim counterpart to our defense system. It is unconstitutional for JINSA to have any influence on our policy makers, and they do. JINSA is a group of retired generals and Israeli nationalists who are extremely skilled and strategic in the game of thrones. These are the same ones who came to the USA after world war 2 as scientists that led research in many different technologies. The CIA is their intel unit. Israel Jewish Leaders post WW2, are the ones who started the holocaust. They are the leaders in electronic warfare and mind control.

America has been sending officers to Israel by the ten thousands for training they claim we need. They have been a nation for forty years and in that time, created all of the discord in the Middle East. Now they have strategically infiltrated a constitution with intention of using what was built to protect us from them against us and the rest of the world. They make it clear in their website which is

 It is the responsibility of the American people to protect that defense system by honoring the constitution it was created for, so the rest of the world is safe. 

Under no circumstance should US military be used to protect any constitution other than the one it was formed to protect. Period. 


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