Prevent neighborhood from getting a Home Owner's Association

Prevent neighborhood from getting a Home Owner's Association

December 9, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kelsey Heidenreich

We are new homeowners building in Meadow Ridge.  We decided to build and reside in the Meadow Ridge community because of the location and especially that the community does not have, nor prefer a HOA with a management company dictating our daily life.  

Some Homeowners choose to accept to live in a deed-restricted neighborhood.  It is our choice as Meadow Ridge community members to live otherwise.

We recently learned that the builders such as H&H Homes and Cavanaugh Homes is petitioning to establish a Homeowners Association (HOA) with Community Association Services serving as the property management company. 

Commonly, HOA Management companies are given the powers to impose fines on homeowners for rule violations. They almost always also have the power to sue members to enforce the rules.  Additionally, they have the power to levy alien against your property if you fail to pay HOA fees.

Agreeing to establish a HOA, as you well know, will relinquish certain Homeowner inalienable rights and freedoms.  Many Homeowner’s associations (if not all) collect excessive fees and enforce their governing rules and regulations such as the type of fencing, how your front and back lawn is kept, color of house, types of vehicles or boats allowed in your driveway etc. They will pester and harass residents over insignificant and frivolous things. 

With most all HOAs and especially Property Management Companies, they control all visible aspects outside your home including type of decking allowed to type of yard grass or yard coverage, and even go as far to regulate the type of Holiday decorations allowed in your yard or type of flag you are allowed to display on your flag pole i.e., no flag except the American and NC State. They will send letters to a homeowner “reminding” that a child left their tricycle on the porch or you didn't edge the border of the flower bed when it was only 2 inches high.

If the proposed HOA is established the Management Company will drive by our homes with their notebooks, never step out of the car jotting down notes and taking photos of perceived covenant violations and send a letter stating the violation.  

As mentioned before, some Homeowners choose to accept to live in a deed-restricted neighborhood.  It is OUR choice as Meadow Ridge community members to live otherwise. 

Some will argue that an HOA is beneficial for a community by spinning ideas such as they assist with property values and resale. 

Let’s face it, HOA does not care about the communities wants and needs and care only about the almighty dollar.  The only winners in HOA establishment is the Management Company which oversees a specific HOA.  

Realize that if it wasn't for the residents, a Management Company wouldn't have a job, so beware the establishment of a HOA will be pushed onto the community of Meadow Ridge extremely hard.  They will most likely have meeting without the Homeowners present and say the HOA was approved by quorum. The quorum refers to the number present, not to the number voting. The presiding officer, in determining the presence of a quorum, counts all members visible, whether voting or not.

Once an HOA community is established you do not have the option to opt-out. However, if you are interested in getting rid of the HOA, there is often a way to do so; be advised the process is difficult, lengthy, and very costly.

As an American it is our choice as Meadow Ridge community members to live otherwise. Take action to help your community be a place where you and your neighbors enjoy living; not dictated living.

BLUF: If a HOA is allowed into Meadow Ridge, your property that you’ve paid for with your hard earned money, will never be truly yours.  The HOA will always control your life and you will never feel like your property is truly yours.


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Signatures: 23Next Goal: 25
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