The results of the 2016 election have shown that a minority of this nation with no agenda, other than to say that they are upset and want to win, will dangerously change the direction of our country and the world. Blue States need to protect it’s people, by aligning ideas and resources against the new authoritarian administration in Washington DC. 

   Since Donald J. Trump was elected president of the United States, with a minority of the voting population, he has appointed cabinet members that will undermine health care for the poor and sick, turn a blind eye towards pollution offenders, created an internal hit list of government employees working on renewable energy projects, privatized education and militarized every aspect of foreign relationships. All this, while starting a Twitter war with China, when we need their help to stop North Korea from building up Nuclear Arms. The checks in congress, that we the people depend on, are too blinded by the money and power of their donors, to act on the basic function of their job.

   For the future of this nation, we need to explore every legal method possible to protect the people from an extremely dangerous President Trump.

   A Values Based Alliance of the States (VBAS) is one way of resisting this new reality of government, and the dangerous changes that we all know are inevitable. I understand that the constitution will not allow us to directly stop this monstrosity, but it will allows us to devalue it. A VBAS of certain states with similar values and policy preferences can and will use its population centers and economic influence to co-op, share resources, and implement policies with other co-opted states, while not having to depend on or engage the federal government.


  •  There are certain states with a majority of people that believe single payer healthcare system (CA, MA, VT, NY, WA, OR, IL, HI.). If those states passed laws to provide single payer health care for it’s people, a Single Payer Healthcare VBAS organization of those states can share resources to improve efficiencies, expand medical training/education amongst the co-opted states, negotiate pharmaceutical/treatment, amend needed tax policies and petition the US Government. This would also force neighboring states to decide if they want to change their internal policies to provide single payer, so they can join the Health Care VBAS. A resident of Indiana might ask his state to join the VBAS, because he could literally see his next door neigbor in Illinois fully covered, and using a Doctor that just came back from his training at a medical school in California.
  • Although the VBAS states can not legally sign the Paris accords, they can change their internal policies to abide by its recommendations. There could be an environmental protection VBAS, where the states involved agree to abide by the Paris accords, improve safety protocols within its states, take climate change seriously, and provide economic preference to states and nations that do the same. CA, OR, NY, MA, VT, WA HI, and NV could agree to be a preferred customer of states or nations that voluntarily reduces its carbon emissions and address climate change, instead of LA or TX, which most likely will not.

Other issues could include minimum wage, education, trade agreements, gun control and virtually every policy not adjudicated solely to the federal government.

As more VBASes are organized and more states agree to join them, Donald Trump and the ignorance of future presidents become less and less relevant. Please sign this petition and pass it on to as many people as possible. 

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