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Shut down the Crystal River plant by 2014


The Crystal River Generating Station is a terrifying mixture of dirty and dangerous energy sources: a huge coal plant attached to a nuclear power plant in disrepair that’s been offline since 2009.  It is situated along the beautiful Crystal River, which is the second largest aquifer in Florida, and home to a vibrant manatee population.  Pollution from the Crystal River plant kills one person every five days.

Progress Florida, the company that operates the plant, says that it will shut down half of its coal operations contingent upon new nuclear plants being built. After the disaster in Japan, more dangerous nuclear is no solution to our energy needs. Shutting this plant down is the first step towards building a clean and safe energy future for Florida.

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Progress Energy CEO Bill Johnson
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Progress Energy CEO

Florida deserves a clean, energy future -- not dirty coal plants. The Crystal River coal plant is preventing real progress -- and a renewable future -- by staying online. Pollution from this plant is responsible for 1,100 asthma attacks and 72 deaths per year. Shut down this killer plant by 2014 and instead replace it with sustainable energy like solar power.


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