Change Python's name to SNEK a woman inclusive term

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Sasha Jeray
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Python lead developers and Guido please it is time to acknowledge the elephant in the room, the name of your programming language (a blatant phallic reference).

The IT field is predominantly male, that's a fact, and we can't pretend that the way we speak about technology doesn't play a part on it, as a white male in IT I want to speak out for the women in my field and put a stop to unconscious male bias;  we need to stop pretending Python has anything to do with Monty Python, it is an unconscious phallic reference that needs to be scrapped for a more inclusive term like SNEK (Synchronous Naturally Enterprise Koding).

The other day working at a Django project with my female colleague I couldn't figure how to tell her that was Python3 code she was looking at, since she has been a victim of abuse and I didn't want to trigger painfull memories, so I said snek code; she smiled, kissed my cheek and thanked me (just like you would the bus driver).

I know this might come as a shock at first (some documentation might need updating) and  we already did a step in the right direction by changing the terms master/slave but we still have a long way if we want to produce real change, please be on the right side of history and sign this petition.