Negative impacts of COVID-19 on student population

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Unprecedented and impactful changes have occurred in the increasing risk of COVID-19.  From lectures moved online, self-isolation and quarantines being imposed, and difficult circumstances during the final exam season, these could not be worse conditions to study in. Disregarding the major stress and anxiety from the COVID crisis as well as other issues, such as familial layoffs.  It's evident that student grades will suffer. Douglas must act to provide equitable relief to students.  

Douglas college must give students additional choices, such as:

a) Pass/Fail instruction, whereas there is no effect on GPA but credits are awarded, or;

b) A grade freeze, where further instruction and examination/work terminates effective immediately and letter grades are awarded based on all coursework up to this date, or;

c) Allowing students to finish the semester as normal.

These are extraordinary times, and Douglas must implement extraordinary measures to preserve student mental health.