50p discount at KU shops when buying a hot drink with any reusable cup

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"By 2030 Kingston University will be known in the sector, and beyond, for best practice in resource management." (2)

2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown away in the UK each year. This party feels the increase in discount from 10p to 50p when using a reusable cup at KU is a brilliant way to act as and encourage others to be ambassadors for resource efficiency – Staff and students would like to help Kingston university towards this aim whilst making a small aspect of the university cafeterias more affordable as well.

Kingston University has pledged to “act ethically to minimise our impact on the environment”(1). The university’s waste, emissions and discharge policy(2) states that it will “work with all our suppliers and contractors to reduce waste, to avoid harmful constituents and maximise environmentally-friendly ones”. This party feels that, if properly implemented, a 50p discount with reusable cups will incentivise buyers at the university, helping to reduce levels of waste produced, potentially raise keep cup sales, and inform students of the impact waste has on our environment, hence producing less contaminated waste and less waste in general. Students at the university know very little about what the university is doing to become more sustainable, which we see as a major issue. The first step to real change is educating people to stimulate changes in attitudes and habits.

With the university aiming to reach 80% recyclable waste by 2020, and go on to 90% in 2030, it is only at 35% this year, and this is a brilliant step to bring KU closer to that goal.

Currently, KU staff and students can get a 10p discount when they bring their own cup, but, especially with the new 'latte levy' on the rise, this is not encouraging - especially when we are made to pay 20p for a cup when asking for hot water.

The information you supply will be used for administrative purposes within the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 by the Union of Kingston Students. We shall not supply it to third parties. For any additional help or the full policy please see a full time staff member, or email studentsunion@kingston.ac.uk.


2 http://cdn.kingston.ac.uk/documents/sustainability/documents/waste-policy-v2.pdf

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