Abolish the £275​.​00 per subject Access Course fees for Asylum Seeking students

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Migrants Organising for Rights and Empowerment (MORE), Glasgow University Student Action for Refugees (STAR), Unity Centre, No Evictions Network and Glasgow Refugee and Asylum Seeker Solidarity (GRASS) are calling on Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli Principal and Equality Champion, Rachel Sandison Vice Principal & Refugee Champion and Stella Heath Director of Short courses:

To honour the University’s signatory obligations to the Sustainable Development Goals Accord: 

Goal 1: End Poverty in all its form 
Goal 4 Ensure inclusive and equitable Education and promote life-long learning and opportunities for all

The University has also pledged to become a University of Sanctuary, signing the 15 by 30 Pledge (15% of refugees and asylum seekers globally in higher education by 2030), which means creating fee waivers for sanctuary seeking students at all levels of study. 

Currently, the short access courses available through Glasgow University request a fee of £275 per course, however two courses are required in order to gain entry for University at undergraduate level This means a fee total of £550 is required for access into University. 

We are addressing the Equality Champion Professor Muscatelli, Refugee Champion Ms. Sanderson and Director of Short Courses Ms. Heath, to recognise that the reality for Asylum seekers is as follows:

- Our only source of income is a £35.00 weekly stipend from the Home Office
- We are ineligible for government funding in all its form 
- We are legally prohibited from engaging in gainful employment
- Some of us have no access to cash at all!

In accordance with the Home Office Regulations, asylum seekers in the transitory period of submitting a fresh claim have absolutely no entitlement or access to cash. 

Cash payments are not provided to those receiving support provided under section 4(2). Those who receive the support are generally provided with accommodation and a payment card (the Aspen card) that can be used to buy food and other essential items (Accommodation arrangements and nature of support section 4(2) support 2018).

It is important to bear in mind that the University of Glasgow is one of the wealthiest worldwide (ranking 7th in the UK), yet is within a city which ranks high in the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (simd.scot). Yet again the University of Glasgow in all its splendour and glory as architect and chief guardian of the rhetoric of supporting asylum seekers has failed Asylum seekers by making an ‘access’ course inaccessible, through its weaponization of the enforced poverty of some of the poorest members of society namely asylum seekers. 

Please sign and share this petition widely, to make the University of Glasgow’s access courses accessible by scrapping the £550.00, or providing a fee waiver and travel expenses for Asylum seekers who wish to engage in Education via the life-long learning routes offered at the University.