Have Kasimir 'Kaz' Tyabji-Sandana Expelled from UBC

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In 2015 Kasimir 'Kaz' Tyabji-Sandana was arrested and charged with importing and possesion of fentanyl. It took three long years, of not only 'Kaz' but his high profile family standing beside him and maintaining his innocence. On September 2017 both Kaz and his mother Judi Tyabji posted a video of him on UBC campus to their facebook accounts see link https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154950884971964&id=512376963 proclaiming and maintaining his innocence and that he was targeted because of his high profile family. Today, he plead guilty on lessor charges, intent to possess, and the importing charges were dropped,  says he's remorseful and he is only given house arrest with the exception to attend his university courses at The University of British Columbia, Vancouver campus as his sentence. Attached is a link to the student code of conduct for UBC. He is in violation. https://students.ubc.ca/campus-life/student-code-conduct . See news article links re:arrest, charges and conditions. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.4641664 . How is this University going to stand behind a man with these charges and arrests. This is not only unjust, it is wrong. Any low profile individual would have been charged and rotting in a cell for this heinous crime. Why does Kasimir 'Kaz' Tyabji-Sandana get preferential treatment and essentially a slap on the wrist? We demand justice and call for the expulsion of this disgraceful human. I implore you to share your disgust at this situation and verdict and demand that UBC stand behind their code of conduct and do the right thing, which clearly the judicial system didn't do during sentencing, expell this individual. Money may or may not have bought you out of this, but money can't buy you morals or values.



#justiceforfentanyloverdosevictims #andtheirgrievingfamilies #fentanylimportationanddistributionismurder