No Ramsay Centre at UQ! Protect Academic Freedom!

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A conservative "think-tank" known as the Ramsay Centre is trying to introduce a major in "Western Civilisation" at the University of Queensland. Having been rejected by other universities, such as the ANU and the University of Wollongong, it has shifted its efforts to the University of Queensland.

Despite what the name might imply, the degree does not focus on the teaching of western civilisation (such as the history of the Roman Empire, the Ancient Greeks, the Germanic peoples or the Magyars), instead its primary agenda is to influence and ultimately brainwash its students into accepting a white-washed, demented and distorted perspective of history. 

As former conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott (who happens to be a current Board Member of the Ramsay Centre) said, "the major would not merely be about Western civilisation, but in favour of it.” Furthermore, the Ramsay Centre has repeatedly rejected calls to implement any clauses to ensure that academic freedom and a neutral point-of-view are maintained during the teaching of the course. 

It is therefore clear that this major has a greater agenda than to simply educate students, it exists to misinform and manipulate. There is NOTHING wrong with teaching western history. But, imposing propaganda upon people while disguising it as "education" is a grave violation of what any self-respecting academic-institution strives to achieve and is therefore unfit for any university.

We, the people supporting this petition, ask you Professor Peter Høj as the Vice-Chancellor and President of The University of Queensland to immediately cease ALL talks with the Ramsay Centre and END this outrageous proposal which threatens the reputation of this university.