Tuition fee

Tuition fee

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Behzad Oveisi started this petition to Professor MARIE-JOSÉ NOLLET

Dean of Studies
A-1490, 1100 Notre-Dame Street West (corner of Peel)
École de technologie supérieure ÉTS, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (H3C 1K3)
Dear Professor MARIE-JOSÉ NOLLET, First, we would like to express our gratitude and the warmest appreciation to ÉTS University because of its cooperation in Temporary Tuition Measures.
Hereby, on behalf of the Iranian Students of ÉTS University, we would like to declare our major obstacles in tuition payment in the current and following academic year.
As a result of the sanctions return, a sharp rise of the US Dollar rate takes place, and it has led to significant problems that directly target the future of Iranian students. Due to economic problems, the government of Iran is not capable of allocating sufficient financial resources to provide the US dollar with a lower exchange price. On top of that, all exchange offices are obliged not to sell more than 2000 euros per year to individuals. In addition, to prevent smuggling currency, Iranian international airports defined a new limit of 5000 euros, which is equal to the tuition of only one semester. Several blocks of bank accounts have been reported due to the transfer of currency from Iran because of US sanctions. Therefore, all legal ways were suspended for money transfer, and the only remained way is purchasing dollars through exchange offices in Canada, which is recognized as a high-risk money transfer by the Canadian governments. Despite the problems in money transfer from Iran, the available investments of families were reduced by more than 10 folds due to an increase in the value of 1 dollar from 28000 (early 2018) to 200000 Iranian Rials (September 2020). With an average salary of 30
million Iranian rials (~ 150 CAD), it will not be feasible to compensate for the value loss in the short term. Otherwise, students’ families will face severe financial problems.
Masters with thesis and Ph.D. students are facing with two months’ delay for the first paystub payment by the university. Consequently, paying the tuition at a regular deadline, which is within the first month after the commencement of the semester, is not possible. Last but not least, there is no available student loan for international students who do not have any relatives in Canada to accept to be their guarantors.
Therefore, Iranian students are not capable of paying tuition in full amount at this point. We would like to ask ÉTS University to comprehend the unorganized situation of the current Iranian students in tuition payment and consider our following request, which has been signed by Iranian students of ÉTS University. The outcome of ÉTS University’s cooperation will be facilitating Iranian students’ studies, which have been in effect of international political issues.
The aforementioned request has been agreed unanimously:
• Consideration of extended deadline for Iranians, tentatively ends of each semester, without blocking the account, interests, and penalty charges.

Hundreds of Iranian students, including signers of this letter, are tackling challenging situations in their lives. Consequently, our studies are in effect. Many of us work so hard in order to cover a portion of the living expenses and tuition; however, it is not possible to cover both tuition and living expenses at the end of the first month of the semester, due to limitation of working hours for study permit holders (20 hours per week) and COVID-19 situation.
We deeply need immediate assistance from ÉTS University in finding a solution for continuing our studies with less difficulty.
We are very thankful for considering our letter, and we would truly appreciate it if we could have any chance to schedule an appointment with you and discuss more regarding our situation and requests.
We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest and most convenient availability due to the approaching upcoming tuition payment deadline.

Best regards,
Iranian Students of ÉTS University

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