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Children's rights to both parents

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Children do not have the right to see their parents equally. 

Should a mother take the children and deny the father access. The children have no automatic rights to see their father at all. The emotional, physical and financial impact is huge. 

The only way the father can see the children is through a court system that is very slow and expensive. Every minute a child spends with the father is ordered by the Judge. Enforcing the orders can then be another huge hurdle. 

This cannot be child focussed and the gender bias is discrimination. 

Let's make it equal. Children need a mother and father equally.  

Stop incentivising mothers to be selfish and deny the children their fathers.

False accusations and perjury are not punished. 

There needs to be a burden of proof to stop false allegations and punishment for lawyers and parents that perjure themselves. 

The family law system review ordered by Attorney General George Brandis and led by Professor Helen Rhoades need to establish our children's rights equally to both parents. Stop the family law system's gender based discrimination. We are not all the same but we are equal. 



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