Stop proposed cuts to Bangor University Learning Disability Nursing course

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Bangor University are proposing cuts to lecturing team of the Learning disability nursing course.

The current structure is:

One Full time grade 9 lecturer and two grade 8 lecturers (one which is part time)

The proposals are to remove the grade 9 lecturer and have one full time grade 8 lecturer and one full time grade 7 lecturer.

Currently, as well as supporting learning disability nursing students with their studies the lecturers also support adult, mental health and children’s fields of nursing in how to support people with a learning disability. If the cuts go ahead then this will be impossible.

The NMC states that “registered nurses must be able to meet the person centered, holistic care needs of the people they encounter in their practice who may be at any stage of life and who may have a range of mental, physical, cognitive or behavioural health challenges” (NMC, 2018, p6).

There is a major concern that student nurses on adult, children and mental health courses will not be given the skills and knowledge required to support people with a learning disability. This will have a detrimental impact on people living with learning disability across North Wales.

Current evidence identifies that every year 1200 people with a learning disability die avoidably in the NHS, that is 3 people every day. (LeDeR, 2018) Not everybody with a learning disability solely accesses learning disability services. If nurses do not get the right training and support then this will impact on them. Nurses are required to make reasonable adjustments for people with a learning disability and it is up to nurses to decide what those reasonable adjustments are. It would be extremely upsetting to think that instead of trying to prevent this statistic the university could actually be contributing towards it.

We want Bangor University to stop the cuts to the Learning disability nursing course to protect the lives of people living with a learning disability across North Wales.

Lucy Spencer 

Learning Disability Student Nurse - Bangor University