Stop proposed cuts to Bangor University Learning Disability Nursing course

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Thank you so much for signing this petition!

We have had so much support it has been quite overwhelming. We are continuing to compile a list of our concerns to send to the university. We have had support from local councillors, MPs, AM’s and nurses across North Wales and the UK. We have also had an article published by BBC Cymru. 

The consultation period has been extended to Friday 8th February, so we still have time to collect signatures. Please continue to share with your friends and family.

if you would like to send a personal letter of concern to the university you can email the following people:

Christopher Burton - head of school of health science.

Nichola Callow - Dean of college.

Graham Upton - interim Vice chancellor.

Thank you so much for your support!

Lucy Spencer - first year learning disability student nurse. 

Lucy Spencer
2 years ago