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Petitioning Manchester School Of Art Professor David Crow Dean of Faculty and Pro-Vice-Chancellor

Pause the current plans to dispose of the Slide collection in the Manchester school of art until alternatives can be found and consultations are made with students for whom the removal of this resource would be a great loss.

Dear Professor Crow, we ask you to consider the following and pause in the plan to dispose of the historic Manchester School of Art Slide Collection as is currently planned. The loss of this rich and important resource would be tragic for the current and future students of the art school.

We feel that there must be consultation with the students for whom this is a resource before decisions affecting our access to this collection are made.

The Manchester School of Art is a prestigious institution with a long history of innovation and contemporary relevance. We the students ask you to consider the points made here and grant a stay of execution, as it were, on the slide collection that has once again become a relevant resource for students.
It is undeniable that the analogue formats once at the cutting edge of image making and viewing are making a solid resurgence and in the future the value of this collection will be so much more.

As visual artists we must recognize the importance of having this unique resource on hand, in an increasingly digitized world it is now more important than ever to preserve this wonderful archive. Its usefulness as a teaching resource has changed - as a visual tool for graphic designers and others it is invaluable and a rich ingredient in our visual work. It teaches us the history of our artistic disciplines and adds to the richness of our art school

The student experience can only be enhanced through consultation and due response to the wants and needs of the student population, it should be clear through this petition and its supporting evidence that we are a student body that wishes to retain this resource.

This past academic year alone saw two exhibitions entirely run by students focused on and inspired by the Visual Resource Centre, links are provided to the various projects past and present as well as student work using the VRC as a resource. " Slideshow", organised by Interactive Arts 1st year students and "Project[ed] Voices" curated by an MA student.

A slide projector with which the public could interact was also a very popular addition to the Unit X show in the Interactive Arts 1st years area.

All we ask is that you allow us time to present you with options and a viable alternative to disposal of this collection, listen to the reasons why the students wish to retain it and adjust the plans accordingly.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our concerns and for reading, we look forward to a mutually beneficial outcome to this matter.

Students of Manchester School of Art

 UPDATE: We have been granted a period of time in which to come up with viable alternatives and ideas that work for Both the School of Art and the students, the slide library and parties interested in its future.

We will keep you informed as we go, thanks for your voices.

read the Florence Declaration here:

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