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To stop the current downgrading and triage of 999 Anaphylaxis calls

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As a parent of a 16 year old with serious life threatening allergies who has experienced Anaphylaxis on more than one occasion I am concerned to hear reports to @campaign42AAI over the last eighteen months of parents dialling 999 for their child, during an Anaphylaptic episode, to have the call response times by paramedics taking as long as 45 minutes. This is totally unacceptable . Any medically trained person should be fully aware that Anaphylaxis by its nature is very unpredictable and that symptoms can change from mild to life threatening in seconds.

Your organisation has confirmed in writing to Anaphylaxis organisation's and on Twitter that you triage the calls and decide if it is a red call emergency at the time depending on questions such as if airways are being affected or if the patient is unconscious . The changes to airways can happen in seconds so by you extending the response time to 20-40 minutes is totally unacceptable, in particular at a time when the BSACI have released guidelines stating the majority of patients require only 1 AAI (Adrenaline Auto injector pen). Each pen has a 5-10 minute effect on the patient so even with the two pens any patient with serious allergy should be carrying,   my child would still be at risk of dying waiting for your ambulances .

Please stop playing roulette with my child's life and thousands of other's who rely on prompt emergency medical treatment during their Anaphylactic episode. 

#999delays #alwayscarrytwo #allergy 

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