Refund for cancelled lectures because of industrial action

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14th of March, 2018

Dear Professor Day,

I am writing on behalf of Newcastle University Students, who were dramatically affected by the industrial action. Unfortunately, industrial action is jeopardizing our future, as we do not get the ultimate knowledge for our degrees. By the end of the week some of us will have missed about 25 lectures because of the industrial action, which is 2 weeks of pure studies.

While lecturers have the right to fight for their rights, students have their right to be taught. Students have missed about a month of a teaching process, as sometimes there were just 3 lectures per week, which can hardly be called a ‘teaching process”. We have paid a significant amount of money to study at University and more importantly to be taught. Students would like to claim a refund for the cancelled classes.

Please, take appropriate action and fulfil students’ queries for the refund. That what normally happens when employees of different Services go on strike (i.e. airports, railways etc.), so we assume that it should be the same with University.

Thank you.


Helen Hrynenko

Student number: 160732630