Myotherapists need to be a permitted part of the solution

Myotherapists need to be a permitted part of the solution

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Myotherapy Association Australia started this petition to professor brett sutton and

We call on the Victorian government to allow myotherapists to be part of the solution and return to its own successful approach to essential healthcare services from April 2020 when determining which professions can treat patients during lockdowns, allowing myotherapists to return to treating patients.

It is important that Government’s directions treat all qualified healthcare professions, including myotherapy, equally, to limit unintended consequences that often follow from government policy that privileges some professions over other, similar professions, within the same sector. But since mid 2020, the Victorian government has created distinctions between which allied health services can, and cannot, continue treating patients.

We know that healthcare providers help ease the pressure on our hospital system and overburdened medical practitioners. This is particularly important at this crucial time.

Real people are hurting from the Victorian government’s arbitrary and non-scientific approach to lockdowns.

  • Frontline health workers, like nurses and paramedics tell us that without access to their trusted myotherapist, their pain is increasing, and they have to cut back hours at work, increase pain medication and hope they don’t end up patients in the hospital system;
  • Myotherapists are asking whether they should stay in the profession, as they continue to try and understand the Victorian government’s conflicting, arbitrary advice on its own lockdown rules, while watching their allied health colleagues continue to treat patients
    just imagine how heartbreaking this is for people dedicated to helping patients alleviate chronic pain

Real Stories – Real Victorian's Suffering Real Pain

“I suffer from severe migraines. Seeing my myotherapist on a regular basis means I am able to attend work, not be stuck in bed when I am struck down by a migraine and also not taking medication for when I have a migraine.” Victorian citizen.

Nurse currently working on the frontline in a public hospital with chronic regional pain syndrome (a neuropathic or nerve pain) in her arm – unable to access her myotherapist

Oncology surgeon with back, neck and shoulder issues - regular myotherapy treatments were enabling him to continue to work without pain

Police officer with a shoulder injury as a result of his police car being rammed while on duty – unable to access myotherapy treatments to manage the pain from this injury

We (the Myotherapy Association Australia), our members and the Victorian people are hearing conflicting advice from the Victorian government on a daily basis:

  • DDHS – yes, you meet the criteria for providing urgent clinical care; you can see patients  in-person;
  • Business Victoria -  no, you are not on all of our ‘allied health’ lists and therefore are not considered an authorised worker;
  • Local MPs - yes, on the advice we have received from the Minister for Health, myotherapists are permitted to provide in-person care.

How are we to interpret the Victorian government’s dos and don’ts when there is such confusion even inside the Victorian government itself?

It is time for the Victorian government to allow myotherapy to be part of the solution. Myotherapists can help keep Victorians out of hospitals and overburdened GP clinics.

A new report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare - AIHW suggests that more money was spent on musculoskeletal disorders than any other disease, condition or injury in Australia.

Myotherapists are highly trained and skilled to support Victorians manage their pain. We urge this government - allow myotherapists to be a part of the solution.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!