Push the Chem 241 exam back to March 26th

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Hear me out- but I really do not understand why we have an exam the day we get back from spring break. Considering it is held at a common time and location, no one would lose anything if it was pushed back one week. Especially since we are not going to have lecture the week we get back, it would make so much sense to delay the exam one week to Monday, March 26th.

How can the University and the professors claim they care about our well being and mental health and then schedule an exam the day we get back from our only break of the semester? Us STEM majors do not have a second of free time during any day we are on this campus. Spring break is supposed to be a time where we can actually escape school for a period of time, to rejuvenate so we can come back and master the class material when we return. How are we supposed to keep a positive mindset towards this difficult class material when we are forced to sacrifice personal 'protected' time over spring break?

I can guarantee the majority of the students in this class are spending break either with their family or going on a vacation. As with many other students, I have seen my family for only three weeks out of the past year. Now we have to sacrifice time with the people that matter the most to us in order to study for this exam.

Yes, you can say that we are supposed to plan ahead, but with this week and last week being two of the biggest weeks for midterms, one can only do so much.

Let's put some pressure on Professor Austell to change the date of the exam to Monday, March 26th. If enough people email him, I'm sure he can be convinced. There is not a downside to delaying the exam. If we don't have lecture the entire week we get back, that gives us time to master the material and then perform well on the delayed exam.

It is honestly disrespectful to us as students to schedule an exam the day we get back from break. We are people, we have lives too, we need a break from school. This exam is going to take a long time to prepare for, and if Professor Austell truly cares about us and wants us to perform well, then he will move the exam.

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