Stop unnecessary Newcastle Business School cuts which will unjustly effect your degree.

Stop unnecessary Newcastle Business School cuts which will unjustly effect your degree.

9 November 2019
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Professor Alex Zelinsky (Vice Chancellor and President at University of Newcastle)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Daisy Jarrett

This is a letter which will be sent to Professor Alex Zelinsky, Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Newcastle. 

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Student Response to Faculty of Business and Law Staff Cuts

The students of the Faculty of Business and Law understand that the University of Newcastle management is currently proposing to undertake a major restructuring of the Newcastle Business School (NBS).

As students, we are extremely concerned about the quality of offerings at the NBS available for the remaining of our degree. Students are also offended that the University of Newcastle has not issued a formal statement to them, as each are paying stakeholders whose investment in their future will be directly affected as a result of these changes.

It is particularly disconcerting for most students to hear rumours that the Faculty of Business and Law is being downsized. This happened during the week before exams, when most students are off campus and distracted. Such an action is destabilising in the education of students in the Newcastle Business School.

We ask you to consider the following suggestions;

·       halt the current round of job cuts at the Newcastle Business School;

·       pause the restructuring process until the current NBS budget slump is determined as permanent or temporary;

·       find alternate budget measures (other than cutting any jobs) to address the Faculty’s current financial situation;

·       consider investment in the NBS as an investment in the development of the Newcastle region;

In 2017 the Business School cut contact hours from an average of 24 hours a week to 8 hours a week: this leads students to understand they are receiving less value for their tuition fee. Newcastle Business School has one of the highest student-staff ratios in the country. The Faculty of Business and Law is the third highest faculty of student enrolment; with 6,134 enrolments in 2018. We understand that this restructure proposes a cut of 7 full-time positions in Economics, Politics and International Relations, Marketing and Tourism, and Management. This is equivalent to approximately 10% of the NBS staff. A proposed cut of 4 out of 8 current Economic lecturers, will leave the discipline with half of the current staff members, which could severely affect the delivery of specialised courses within the economics major.

We are also concerned that the decision was made without consideration of impact on the student experience. Students have already picked their majors and the change in staff ratio may mean that students will not be able to finish their degree in their area of interest in the required time. It follows that due to a decline in staff, quality of teaching and course discipline offerings, students will be less unlikely to choose those disciplines; self-fulfilling the prediction of a decline in demand

Our university cannot afford the loss in quality of teaching delivery and reputation at a time when the University of Newcastle is aiming to attract students globally and retain students locally.

The mission statement of the NBS says: “Our mission is to build and sustain a vibrant learning community that advances business knowledge.” Reducing the number of NBS staff and significantly impacting the quality of education and experience that students receive is not building, nor sustaining a vibrant learning community.

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Signatures: 343Next goal: 500
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  • Professor Alex ZelinskyVice Chancellor and President at University of Newcastle