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Bring Baby C Home- Stop forced adoption

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I am a teenage mother who never got the chance to bring my little girl home. Court proceedings was a joke, professionals didn't care and pushed me to fail and I was never given a chance.

Social services was involved due to my ex partner but the realtionship soon ended. I was told that mother and unit was the case and me and Charlie could be together little did i know a foster care placement was put in order without me knowing.

1st of August 2016 my princess was born and it felt so perfect having her in my arms after the stress through my pregnancy. My family and friends visited and I cuddled my princess all day and night. Day 2 came and I got a visit from my solicitor explaining that we was in court the next day to find out what would be happening which was either a mother and baby unit or Charlie was in foster care and worst come to worst she left with a family the same day. I cried and screamed and let her down just after she was born.

I had 4 days a week contact and attended every single one, every second was precious and I loved spending time with her. I underwent physcological assessments and passed with flying colours due to suffering with mental heath a couple of years back.

I had drug and alcohol tests atleast once or twice a month and my alcohol levels was sky high the first few months due to going out with my friends into town and trying to forget something so raw but when the concerns was risen I stopped drinking. 

The final hearings kept changing months and months as professionals wasn't doing their jobs properly but it meant more time with my girl. They never came to flat to check how it looked for Charlies arrival home and they never checked what was going on in my life they just left me to fail. 

The last few months they told me that adoption was their decision and there was nothing I or anybody could do about it. Non of my family members could look after Charlie and her dad disappeared. But my fight wasn't and is not over yet.

After a stressful 3 days at the final hearing the social workers lied in every sentence they spoke and it was 3 against 1. I've lost my baby girl due to my family not being local but they are a 30 minuite drive away and they have no faith that I can do this without even giving me a chance!

I am destroyed that the only human being to ever give me pupose in life was snatched right out of my arms when she was 3 days old!

Please sign this petition to help my case become heard and relooked over! Everyone deserves a chance to be a mother! A child deserves to be with their mother who jumped through every fire hoop and obsticles in there path and has to suffer the consequences because nobody has faith. 



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