Ban Jonathan Moxley's Use of The Paradigm Shift to protect All Elite Wrestling's roster

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Ban Jonathan Moxley's use of The Paradigm Shift to protect All Elite Wrestling's roster

My name is Mark Sterling. I serve as legal counsel for Maxwell Jacob Friedman. Please hear my message and continue to stand with my client through this trying time.

All Elite Wrestling was officially announced on January 1, 2019. One week later All Elite Wrestling's leadership unveiled a vision to deliver a "golden age" of professional wrestling by offering change; "something new and authentic" that would make it "the greatest time ever to be a wrestling fan." 

My client believed in that vision. Wrestling fans around the globe believed in that vision. Less than two years later, however, All Elite Wrestling has failed to deliver on the promise of change.

All Elite Wrestling fans deserve a dignified World Champion who never waivers and never quits, not a World Champion who is shielded by the privilege of picking and choosing who and when he wrestles.

All Elite Wrestling fans deserve a World Champion who leads by example, competing in wrestling matches that can be best described as clinics instead of a World Champion who plays a wrestler on TV.

All Elite Wrestling fans deserve a World Champion who can carry this company up the ascent to the peak of the professional wrestling world, not a World Champion from a land of titans who rests on his laurels.

All Elite Wrestling fans deserve Maxwell Jacob Friedman as World Champion.

Jonathan Moxley poses a threat to the reputation and vision of All Elite Wrestling; furthermore, Moxley poses an imminent physical threat to both my client and the entire All Elite Wrestling roster. 

Jonathan Moxley has long been known for his unstable, unpredictable behavior inside and outside the ring. It didn't require a clairvoyant to predict that this behavior would ultimately result in the injury of his opponents. It wasn't a matter of if, it was a matter of when.

Jonathan Moxley's actions left my client nearly unable to walk. The result could have been even more catastrophic, potentially ending my client's livelihood or--even worse--his life.

Let me be clear: the events that transpired last night were preventable. If immediate action isn't taken, Jonathan Moxley's behavior could have a lasting impact on my client, your favorite professional wrestler or even your loved ones.

My client is calling for a ban of Jonathan Moxley's move The Paradigm Shift. The sole purpose of this high-risk move (double underhook DDT) is to drive an opponent's head into the mat. Professional wrestlers on the receiving end of this move are subject to unacceptable levels of risk as it relates to spinal, neck and/or brain injuries.  

My client has stated on the record his plan to be the top guy in professional wrestling for the next 25 years. This can only be achieved, however, if my client is able to participate in wrestling matches in a professional environment with an acceptable level of risk.  

For the aforementioned reasons Jonathan Moxley's use of The Paradigm Shift must be banned, effective immediately.

Please sign this petition to make sure that your voice is heard. Help us as we continue to demand that All Elite Wrestling's leadership recognize the safety of its performers is of paramount importance.

Demand change now. Because we all deserve better: today, tomorrow and for the next 25+ years. 

Mark Sterling


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